Animated installation process for Wacom drawing tablets

Niklas Ekdahl

Every season, 500 million SEK worth of technology is destroyed in loading and loading-related processes (probably). The concept of having to wait is by far the most pressing issue of our time and future (probably not). All of this may or may not be true, however, what is certain is that having to wait is undeniably annoying. As a result, is it very odd that many of today’s largest companies seem to not prioritize the modernization of loading graphics and loading processes. It was in this exact area that my design work began to take shape, and it was quickly apparent that loading graphics was an almost forgotten aspect in company designs. The aim of my work was to improve the aesthetic enjoyment while reducing the perceived waiting time, I redesigned the installation process associated with Wacom drawing tablets. Combining previous research with innovative graphic design, a new installation process was designed to be perceived to be faster and communicate the possibilities of a Wacom drawing tablet in a more effective way.