Skosh Rebranding

Naemi Grässer

We are all aware of the ongoing climate crisis and try as best as we can to live more sustainably in our everyday life. Many people are still not conscious of how big the climate impact of cleaning products are as they use very harsh ingredients and contain 90% water in plastic bottles that get thrown away after use. I did my internship in fall 2021 at the Malmö-based startup Skosh which is working on making cleaning products more sustainable. Their goal is to reduce single-use plastic and be more gentle to the environment. My design project is a rebranding of their visual identity, creating new packaging and a supporting campaign. The focus was on creating a more bold and active communication and at the same time having sustainability in mind. In order to stick out from the boring cleaning products I created a fun pattern that represents the surfaces to use the products on. Catching the customers' attention and making them interested in more sustainable products was the goal. I have created packaging for their cleaning tablets, dishwasher tablets and laundry powder. The #oceancleanupday campaign focused on an important cause close to Skosh and bringing the community together by hosting a collaborative event.