Clothing change and changing clothing – Branding for Mender

Jonna Rosenlöf

The project is focused around the company Mender; an app working towards giving us options for a more sustainable clothes consumption. The app connects people who have clothes that need mending/up-cycling with people who can sew, so that even people with no knowledge within sewing are able to give their clothes a longer lifespan. Mender have however run into a problem; there is an attitude-behaviour gap, meaning that people who say they would use the app, don’t necessarily do this when the opportunity is presented. My project aims to find a solution to this, by shifting the way we talk about mending/up-cycling from talking about it solely as an environmentally friendly thing, to start talking about it as a fashion statement. Instead of guilting people into action, I want to shine light on the creative and fun part of mending/up-cycling clothing.