Rare Scent Company

Emilia Belokozovska

Rare Scent Company is a branding project for a fictitious unisex perfume brand where the unique selling point is the focus on smell memory. The challenge in this project was to go a different path than the traditional perfume brands we all know and design a unique brand experience. Smell is something that inevitably is linked to memory and emotions which I have focused on with this concept. The thought behind the storytelling was to capture the customers feelings and associations to familiar but unconventional scents for perfume. The project includes designing of a visual identity (logo, color, typography) where I also focused on packaging design, storytelling and marketing through campaign designing. The focus of the storytelling for the scent memories was based on associated ”scent stories” that represents the fragrances. The scents include Soaked City: the smell after rain, Solar Powered: summer in a bottle, and Sunday Laundry: freshly washed clothes. Complementing this there’s, for the campaign, simple layouts with images that supports the feeling of the scents. To view the full project you can go to my Behance page.