Waste to Zero

Krasimira Tsakova

Waste to Zero is a campaign against food waste. Every year, households in Sweden throw away approximately 127 kilograms of edible food per person, which means that every fourth purchased grocery bag in Sweden is thrown away. ActNow is a movement for individual action created by the UN with the purpose to inspire and provide individuals and societies with information and resources to combat climate change, one person at a time. ActNow is therefore chosen to be the voice behind the campaign. The challenge is to visualise the growing issue without accusing the individual, but instead inspire and provide with the right resources. During sustainability week the campaign would be incorporated in the city environment. The campaign also includes merchandise - a tote bag with a measure for the approximate amount of fresh produce that one should consider buying in order to avoid food waste; stickers; and flyers with tips on minimising food waste at home. The campaign evolves further through social media and its informative webpage.