GO – Find your travelbuddy

Emma Centelege

Would you rather have an app to find friends to explore the world with or a social media app with only a focus on travel? Why not both? The GO app is based in the service of finding a travelbuddy to explore the world with. You create a profile, fill in your interests and then let the app do all the work for you. When you plan your trips, the app's algorithm matches you with potential travelbuddys. This project is a rebranding of the app GoVoiage where I chose to create a completely new graphic profile for the app, improved the UX and UI design while making the app more secure for users. New functions are added, such as your own profile where you can post your own photos from your travels and rate other people's profiles. The purpose of the app is to have everything social and travel-related in a place where you can feel confident in using the app. For safer use, users will be required to submit a photo of their passport for verification of account. This makes it easier for unsuitable users to be removed from the app and you can continue to explore the world and create memories for life with your new travelbuddys!