Edible Seasons

Love Granlund

The project started off in an interest in local produce and the question of how much we know of what we grow in Sweden and when different fruits and vegetables are in season. There are a lot of reasons why we should eat fruits and vegetables in season: they taste better, shorter transports and less energy consumption benefit the climate and reduce food waste, they have higher nutritional value, are cheaper for the consumer and have been exposed to less pesticides. I wanted to create something that was informative and that could take place in the everyday life as a reminder and encouragement to care about what we put in our bodies and how that effects our climate. The project includes a campaign called “Edible Seasons” and consists of a seasonal calendar, a campaign website, an information site, an Instagram account and content, marketing for public displays and social media. I chose to work with the Naturskyddsföreningen as a hypothetical sender because of their extensive work with environmental questions and the fact that they have a high level of reliability in the public eye.