This years graduation projects by the Graphic Design Bachelor at Malmö University are in different ways reactions to digitalization. Graphic Design is not a static discipline, its digital outputs can be constantly updated. Where does this potential for infinitely new versions take us? The graduation projects of the class of 2022 gives us multiple answers. Some projects seamlessly exist in the digital contemporary of apps, NFTs, ai-designers, while other projects can be seen as counter-reactions; books and magazines that insist on tactility, pages that can be flipped, touched and even pierced. Yet other projects augment the physical world by way of the digital. And it’s somewhere in-between these answers our FINAL_FINAL_EXHIBITION situates itself.

Frida Abrahamsson Sana Adilnor Sara Aulin Collin Avery Emilia Belokozovska Emma Centelege Vilma Dahlman Amelia Edman Niklas Ekdahl Jesper Ericsson
Sofie Eriksson Valentina Gonzalez Love Granlund Naemi Grässer Ossian Gynther Li Herrström Jesper Hoff Elin Isaksson Olivia Lutterdal Fredrik Nilsson
Olivia Persson Olivia Petersson Jonna Rosenlöf Cyrus Shaerpour Isak Svensson Niklasson Tobias Svensson Ida Tidala Krasimira Tsakova Sofia Wallin Rundqvist
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